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Plakat Official Attempt 12,000 Stairs World record


Haki Doku (para-cyclist) – born 18. June 1969 – resides in Milan/Italy

He became the first athlete to represent Albania at the Paralympics, when he competed in the Men´s road race H2 and the Men´s road time trial H2 at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London/GB.

He already has submitted 5 Vertical World-Records in Skyscrapers over 1 hour (4 times) and over 12 hours (1 time) to the Guiness Book of World Records (London/GB).


Improving his own world record: Most stairs descended in a Wheelchair in 12 hours.

Haki Doku achived 11.500 stairs in Montparnasse Tower (Paris/France) on 11 September 2021. His highly ambitious goal in the Metropolitan Region FrankfurtRheinMain on 24. September 2023: 12.000 stairs.

The Skyscrapers in the Metropolitan Region FrankfurtRheinMain

Eine Übersicht über die Hochhäuser im Frankfurter Bankenviertel

Thanks to the owners supporting this CHALLENGE:

  • MesseTurm (1 down)
  • Westendgate (4 downs)
  • Deutsche Bank (10 downs)

Thanks also to the owners of the following skyscrapers, who agreed to support this CHALLENGE. But after intensive training in mid-July, Haki Doku decided with great regret not to include those skyscrapers due to the structural conditions and the material properties and the surface finish of the stairs:

  • Trianon
  • MainTower
  • OmniTurm
  • TaunusTurm
  • Commerzbank-Tower

His guiding principle / His sustainable commitment

At first I want to push my physical and mental abilities to the limit and continuously test them. After this long-distance test, I will focus on the 2028 Paralympics in Los Angeles / USA to win a medal in para-golf.

In addition I see myself as a role-model for many disabled people. I would like to encourage them to develop self-confidence and I would like to spread the vision: EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE (EIP). Of course, everyone has to implement this vision for himself. If I use 12,000 steps as a guideline, for another disabled person in a wheelchair 1 or 2 or 3 stairs (also in a figurative sense) could be a very ambitious CHALLENGE, but my message is, try it, train hard and tackling also new or similar challenges.

Since I am very fortunate to be able to push my physical and mental strength to the limit, I would also like to take the opportunity to support disabled people as part of my challenge. In the past few years, I have had extraordinarily great and valuable support from ARQUE e.V. (Working group for paraplegics, born with spinal cord injuries – see also below), in particular from the 2nd Chairman and Race-Director at the SkyRun MesseTurm Frankfurt. In this respect I would like to motivate you, dear reader, to support the sustainable work of ARQUE with a donation:


IBAN DE47 5001 0060 0061 4726 00

His Supporter

Michael Lederer (ARQUE) – 2nd Chairman and Race-Director at the SkyRun MesseTurm Frankfurt

Towerrunning-Expert since 2007 and supporter in the context of 2 World-Records by Haki Doku in the MesseTurm Frankfurt.


The working group for paraplegics with spina bifida/Rhein-Main-Nahe e.V. (ARQUE) based in Mainz as a regional self-help group, it has set itself the task of helping people with congenital paraplegia (Spina bifida) and their relatives in leading a self-determined life and in coping with the complexes caused by this to accompany challenges arising from the form of the disability. About 1 in 1.000 children comes to Germany born with a congenital paraplegia. ARQUE stands by all those affected, parents, families, professionals and available to anyone interested as a contact person free of charge and independent of membership. An essential basis of ARQUE is self-help, bringing together people who are equally affected in all phases of life. The exchange with each other, the experience of not being alone, the solidarity of others is seen as supporting and experienced strengthening power in the individual coping with the special circumstances of life. ARQUE sees itself as a lifelong companion.

At ARQUE we see ourselves as mediators of visions in the sense of Haki Doku: EIP! – even if you manage 1 or 2 or 3 stairs or similar CHALLENGES! Important for you: try it, train hard and tackling also new or similar CHALLENGES.

In supporting Haki Dolus activities, at ARQUE we see ourselves also as encourager for our disabled people to develop self-confidence and live the visions of Haki Doku: EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE (EIP).


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